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The Difference Between Microblading and Eyebrow Tattooing

Our eyebrows play an important role in enhancing our beauty as a stand-out feature on our face. Many of us are now opting for more permanent eyebrow treatments. Despite this, there still remains a confusion between different eyebrow procedures. This blog explores the difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing.

What is microblading?

Microblading can imitate the desired length, colour, thickness, and shape of eyebrow hairs. The procedure involves the use of tiny needles that create thin incisions on the skin to imitate the look of natural eyebrow hairs. Microblading will last around 18 months before fading, where you can then go for a touch-up should you wish.

What is eyebrow tattooing?

Eyebrow tattooing is just like any other tattoo you have heard of. Your tattoo artist will use a tattoo needle which carries permanent ink.  The needle will penetrate your skin with a quick tapping motion to apply ink to the deeper layers of the skin, leaving you with permanently tattooed eyebrows for life.

Whilst the colour might fade over time, it is a permanent procedure that cannot be removed without laser tattoo removal which takes a very long time to conduct and is painful.

Why is microblading the better option?

Whilst both treatments will speed up your morning routine as you will wake up every day with your desired eyebrows, microblading comes with less risk than eyebrow tattooing.

Microblading is a fabulous way to enhance your beauty and personalise your eyebrows to look at ways to help you feel the most confident version of yourself, without the risk of permanency. If you were to get your eyebrows tattooed and you disliked them, there would be very little you could do to rectify it.

Similarly, you may change your mind about the look and style of your eyebrows years down the line when trends change or you fancy something different. This is why microblading is the most sensible and useful option as opposed to permanent eyebrow tattooing.

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