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Permanent brow makeup has become incredibly popular in recent years. This is because it offers a stress-free and safe way to have long-lasting brows that look natural and beautiful.

In case you don’t already know, permanent brow makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing service. It involves putting cosmetic tattoo pigment under the skin, often using a technique called microblading.

Permanent brow makeup can be very useful if your brow is beginning to thin as it helps to give the appearance of a natural and full brow once more. It can also be a great option if you have unruly brows and prefer to shave them off and opt for a low-maintenance option.


Permanent eyebrow makeup makes your eyebrows always look just as you want them. One of its key benefits is that you can get up first thing in the morning and look great without any effort. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend ages in front of the mirror applying the makeup manually each day, saving you a lot of time and money in the long rea run.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a bit like getting a tattoo, as a coloured pigment is injected into the skin and released just below the surface. Similar to when you are getting a tattoo, you will discuss what colour you want to use and a sketch will be made to show you where the pigment will be placed.

The process may not be done in one sitting and it is commonplace for people to return a few times to add the finishing touches. Initially, the colour may seem brighter or more pronounced than what you were expecting. This is perfectly normal as it takes the pigment a few weeks to settle in and start showing as the colour you selected.


Microblading is a popular process that involves using a specialist blade to create your permanent brows. This blade is actually made up of incredibly fine needles that gently put pigment under your skin in fine lines. These lines look a lot like tiny fine hairs and give a more naturalistic look to your permanent eyebrow makeup.

Microblading can easily be used to enhance your current brows or even reshape them. Also, a big bonus to microblading is that the pigment doesn’t take as long to fade into a natural colour as it does with normal tattooing.

Microblading offers a semi-permanent effect that will last between one to three years.

If you are prone to thinning eyebrows due to age or over-tweezing, then microblading can be the answer.


Finding good cosmetic tattooing services is critical when you’re thinking about getting permanent brow makeup. You want to look for a cosmetic tattooing service that has many years of experience and that comes highly recommended.

The professional you choose should listen carefully to what you want from your permanent brow makeup, and should also be able to offer advice and guidance on what pigment to choose and what reshaping might suit you best.

If you’re looking for cosmetic tattooing services that can make your permanent brow makeup look natural and sophisticated, then please get in touch. We have years of experience and we have many very satisfied clients on our books.



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