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If you love the look of powdered brows and you have had microblading in the past, then Ombre Powder Brows is likely to be ideal for you. 

Ombre brows are a cosmetic procedure that, rather like microblading, involves tattooing your brows. However, instead of fine hair strokes, your brow looks more powdered and soft. 

If you want to know more about Ombre Brows, then here is a quick guide to what it is, how it works and how you can benefit from it. 

What is Ombre Brows?

Ombre Powder Brows is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that creates a powdered effect on your eyebrows using natural pigments. This makes your eyebrows look soft and natural. 

Ombre Brows can make your brows look gentle or very bold, depending on your preferences. If you are unsure what you will prefer, an Ombre Brow expert will offer you advice before carrying out the procedure. If you are still unsure, opt for the soft option. You can always add to it and make them look bolder at a later date. 

How are Ombre Powder Brows created? 

Ombre Brows are created by a cosmetic tattoo artist who uses a specialist tool that creates tiny little dots under your skin using natural pigments. 

What are the benefits of Ombre Brows? 

If you spend ages every morning filling in your eyebrows or you’re fed up with them smudging the moment they come into contact with water, then Ombre Powder Brows could easily be a good option for you. 

Ombre Powder Brows are the perfect way to make yourself look beautiful without the hours of fiddling around. Your brows will look great twenty-four hours a day, regardless of the weather, without you having to do a thing. 

Ombre Brows is a virtually painless and minimally invasive procedure. It can help to shape your brows, helping them to look full and well-defined. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously had microblading—you can still have Ombre Brows performed without a problem. Furthermore, Ombre Brows works perfectly on thinner skin or an oily complexion, meaning there are few reasons not to opt for this procedure. 

Ombre Brows is semi-permanent, meaning your brows will start to fade after 18-36 months. However, touch-ups can be performed as soon as every 6 months, meaning you never have to have a faded brow. 

If you’re ready to book your Ombre Brows appointment then just get in touch with us. We will happily help you achieve the perfect look.  


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