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Reasons to Consider Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow shaping and tattooing technique. Your practitioner will use a fine needle to create light strokes with a pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin. This will create fine, realistic hair strokes to create the illusion of full-looking eyebrows. So, why should you consider this treatment for your eyebrows? 

Your dream brows

With microblading, you can achieve any shaped brow you desire. Simply choose your preferred thickness, arch and shape and your practitioner work their magic. Once the treatment is complete it can last up to two years, saving you the hassle of getting ready and doing your eyebrows every day. Your brows will be on fleek all year long.

No damage to your natural brows

Many of us desire thicker and fuller brows but struggle to achieve this due to older trends of thinner eyebrows leading to many of us over-plucking our brows. If you struggle with thinner brows, microblading could be the answer to your problematic eyebrows. You can achieve fuller and thicker brows without damaging or removing any of the existing brow hairs through the technique of microblading. Your brows will look naturally seamless and thick with the help of ombre powder microblading.

Long-lasting results

Microblading can last between 18 months to 30 months, which means once the treatment is complete, you will be hassle-free for years to come. Every day you will have the joy of waking up to gorgeous eyebrows. Only every now and then will you require little touch-ups to keep your brows maintained.

Even when you go swimming, or party in heated temperatures your brows will stay perfectly sleek and stunning because microblading is a waterproof treatment. Whether you have a full face of make-up or go all-natural, your brows will be long-lastingly beautiful.

What are you waiting for? Ready to transform your look with ombre powder microblading? Here at Defined Cosmetic Tattooing, we offer semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing services, such as eyebrow microblading, ombre powder brows and combination brows. We offer our clients high quality treatments and exceptional customer service. Book today and in our consultation, we can help in recommending the best treatment for your desired look. Email us today to book at or call us on 021 020 42020.


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