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What happens during an ombre cosmetic brow tattoo session?

In recent years, cosmetic tattooing has become more popular due to technological advances, and techniques. These advances mean that the procure is practically painless and more effective than ever. Ombre brows offer a bolder and more dramatic look and are not intended to look as natural as microbladed brows. With ombre brows, it will look more as though you have make-up on. This treatment can last anywhere from two to three years before they fade.

What will happen during your first ombre cosmetic tattoo session?

  1. Consultation

First things first, your session will begin with a consultation where everything will be discussed from style to hair colour. As the client your preferences will be taken into consideration. It is always best to choose a lighter pigment shade for the colour base because the process of darkening is much easier than lightning if you go too dark the first time around.

  1. Mapping

Next, the artist will use the information from the consultation to create a frame around your eyebrows. Then, they will show you the design to check if you are happy with it. Once eyebrow measuring and shaping are approved by the client, they will begin the micro-shading process.

  1. Tattooing

Numbing agents tend to be applied to make the process painless. The artist will use layers of pigment consisting of a series of many fine dots that will vary in concentration. This is what creates the stunning effect of ombre powdered brows.

What happens after your first session? 

At first, your eyebrows might appear quite dark, because the colour stays in the outer layers of the skin. However, this will fade within a few days after treatment. Some people scab after the treatment, but this will depend on skin type. Avoid picking at your eyebrows because this could cause infection.

About 4 days after your session, you should clean your eyebrows and begin to apply the cream given to your by your artist. After about 4-6 weeks you will observe the final results.

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