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Microblading Eyebrows Myths vs. Facts

You may be thinking of getting your eyebrows microbladed, but still feeling uncertain about what is true and what is false, when it comes to common assumptions about the treatment. This article resolves some common myths about microblading, helping you to feel confident walking into your microblading appointment.

Myth: Microblading is painful

Whilst tattooing in general is known to be painful microblading is a different treatment and therefore should not be treated the same as normal ink tattooing. Of course, it will depend on your personal pain threshold, but in general, microblading is a low-pain procedure. Your practitioner will apply some numbing cream before the treatment, which will help reduce any pain.

Myth: Microblading is permanent

Whilst tattooing is permanent, microblading is not, it is a semi-permanent treatment. Microblading will only last around 18 months before the colour begins to fade. Then you will need to return for a retouch treatment if you would like it. At this stage, you can change the shape and colour if you wish.

Myth: Clients don’t get to choose their own shape and colour

This certainly isn’t the case. Just like regular tattooing, the client can specifically choose the eyebrow design which they desire. Your practitioner will offer you a consultation where you will work together to design your dream eyebrow shape and colour, to help best compliment your face shape and hair colour.

Myth: The procedure uses a blade

This is not true. Hair strokes are created by using manual tools from a group of needles which create fine lines in the skin. This method has been adopted from Japan and is perfectly safe. No blade is used in the treatment. Individual needles are used to create natural-looking hair strokes. Your aftercare may need to be personalised depending on your skin type.

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