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How to Look Your Beautiful Without Makeup

Whilst we all enjoy glamming ourselves up with make-up from time to time, we don’t all have the time each morning to transform our faces using our fave makeup products. Sometimes, we may simply want to go make-up free.  This article explores some simple tips and tricks to keep ourselves looking and feeling beautiful without makeup.

Moisturize Those Lips

Dry cracked lips can ruin your natural beauty. By simply moisturizing your lips each day with a gentle lip balm, you can create healthy-looking lips, keeping you looking naturally beautiful. If you find that you’ve run out of lip balm, you could even apply your normal moisturiser to your lips, as this should work just as nicely.

Get Enough Sleep

The experts aren’t joking when they say beauty sleep is key. Without enough rest, your beautiful face will suffer. Sleeping enough to recharge your body will allow your natural beauty to shine because your skin will have time to revitalise. Let’s prevent those dark circles under those eyes and inflamed skin, due to lack of sleep. Make sure you are getting around 8 hours of beauty sleep each night.

Take Good Care of Your Natural Lashes

Our lashes shed every 6 weeks, and we lose around 1-5 lashes each day,  which means that we need to be taking good care of them to ensure a healthy shed cycle occurs. Opt for a lash growth serum, or some castor oil and apply this to your lashes every night before bed. This little habit will completely transform the condition of your natural lashes, giving you longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes throughout your entire cycle.

Get Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Having a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, such as microblading, will give you gorgeous eyebrows all year round. Wake up each day to fuller, thicker eyebrows, to the desired shape of your choice, without the use of any make-up. Microblading will last around 2 years, taking the burden of drawing your eyebrows each morning. You will feel naturally beautiful all year round.

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