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4 Reasons To Get Microbladed Eyebrows This Winter

Everyone wants to have fuller yet soft and natural-looking brows. With microblading, this is made possible! As a semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment, microblading offers a number of benefits – especially when done in the winter.

At Defined Cosmetic Tattooing, we are microblading eyebrows in Auckland with expertise and experience, so you can count on us to skillfully microblade your brows this winter. However, you might still be asking the question – “Why?”

So, without further ado, here are 4 reasons why you should be microblading your brows this winter:

1) Cool weather

As winter emerges, the cold air also comes with it. This means that you are less likely to sweat – and this can affect how long your brows last and heal after microblading. Particularly, this can cause the pigment to disperse during the healing process, creating a blurred brow effect. As the weather is cooler in winter, the likelihood of sweat, natural face oils, and heat impacting your brows is greatly reduced!

2) Better healing

In the same vein as the previous reason, winter offers the perfect weather for healing post-procedure. The cool weather assists with the microblading healing process, preventing blurred and uneven brows. You don’t have to worry about the heat! You might also find that it’s easier to cope with the healing process in winter as there’s less physical activities that are available that might affect your recovery (e.g swimming).

3) Less direct sun exposure

Direct sunlight on your newly microbladed brows can cause a change in its appearance, especially its colour. While this can be hard to avoid in the spring and summer, the winter provides the ideal opportunity for your brows to heal without being directly affected by sun exposure.

4) Ready for the next season

By microblading your brows in the winter, this simply means that your brows will be ready by spring and summer – seasons where you’ll most likely be hanging out with friends and family more often. So, why not get your brows ready for the spring and summer festivities?

If you are thinking about services for microblading eyebrows in Auckland, then Defined Cosmetic Tattooing has got you covered. With our microblading solution, you can achieve dark and natural-looking brows that require little to no makeup intervention. Book an appointment with Defined Cosmetic Tattooing for picture-perfect brows today.


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