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Skin Types and Microblading: What you need to know?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique which can help you to achieve your desired eyebrow shape, arch and colour. Before booking your appointment, you may want to consider your skin type and how this may impact the treatment, aftercare and result of the microblading procedure.

Sensitive Skin

Whilst microblading is thought to be a safe procedure for all skin types, those of us with sensitive skin might find that the treatment causes redness which could last a few days or even weeks after the treatment. Similarly, you might find there is some swelling on the day of the treatment. Bear this in mind when booking your microblading appointment.

Dry Skin 

For those of us with dry skin, you may find that your skin feels tight around the treated area, for a day or say after your treatment. You might also notice skin flaking. What’s good about having dry skin when getting a micro blading treatment is that your skin can retain colour for longer, meaning the pigment won’t fade as quickly as other skin types.

Normal Skin 

If you have normal skin you’ll find that your eyebrows should heal consistently and the treatment will last for the average expected time of up to two years.

Combination Skin

Similar to normal skin, if you have combination skin, where you experience some oily areas and some dry parts, you’ll find that the treatment shouldn’t cause too many side effects and it should last the average expected time.

Oily Skin 

Whilst having oily skin will heal the microblading treatment more smoothly, you may find that the colour pigment wears off sooner than those with dry skin. For those of us who have extremely oily skin, it will heal in a much softer way.

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