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The Best Brow Shade for Your Hair Colour: From Blonde to Black

Choosing the right eyebrow shade can be a challenge, especially when there are so many different shades and pigments available. Let’s explore which shades best suit each hair colour.

Red Hair

Redheads can come in a variety of tones and shades, which means there isn’t one shade that suits all when it comes to eyebrow colour for redheads. In general, redheads will find that brown shades tend to be the most flattering. For discrete and lighter redheads, opt for a cool-toned brown. Whereas, if you are a bolder redhead, opt for a warmer and richer brown shade.

Platinum Blonde Hair

A cooler-toned shade, such as a light taupe or ash blonde will best complement blonde hair. If you wish to make more of a striking impact then you can be daresome and choose a darker shade, but ensure you opt for cooler tones, not warmer tones as this can cause a clash with your natural hair.

Warm Blonde Hair

Honey or caramel-toned brow shades are beautiful for those with warm blonde hair, keeping your brows looking natural. If you wish for a more defined look, you could possibly opt for a light brown.

Light Brown Hair

Most of us find that our natural brow colour is a shade or two darker than our natural hair colour. Therefore, for those with light brown hair, you may wish to opt for a cool ash-brown shade or dark taupe.

Dark Brown Hair

For darker brown hair, you don’t necessarily have to opt for a shade darker than your hair. Eyebrow shades can be a totally personal preference. It is thought that warmer tones of chestnut, chocolate or espresso may best suit bolder brunette hair.

Black Hair

For black hair, it is more important to look at your skin tone. If you have fair skin cool-toned brown may be your best option. Whereas if you have darker skin, a dark ash-brown shade may suit you better. Remember to stick with cool tones as opposed to warm for black hair.

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